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(Used in games, especially multiplayer)

To completely annihilate the other team without effort. Often happens when one team is more experienced and organized and the other team consists of random players.
We got steamrolled yesterday by a bunch of clansmen.

Steamrolling isn't fun for both teams. You need a challenge on equal levels.
by shiny1s May 11, 2009
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when you run right over someone on the football field.
"Steve tried to block Andrew from the end zone, but Andrew just steamrolled him, and scored the touchdown."
by Commander Stan July 09, 2006
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the process in which one roll across the floor, over other people. usually done to people lying down, or sleeping people to surprise them. may be taken to the extreme with sweet-rolling (see sweet-roll)
Rick: haha! I steamrolled Nathan's fuckin gay ass and woke him up.

Larry: hah! what a bitch! Let's rape him!
by JakE October 22, 2006
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verb -ed, -ing
The act of verbally owning someone who believes they are making you look ignorant or like a fool. Usually accomplished with a calm, witty demeanor, and no insults.

related: owning

background: IRL, steam rollers are large powerful machines that move succinctly and pulverize without making a big fuss.
Listen to how I steam roll this guy.

That guy in my history class was steam rolled yesterday when he thought he know more about WWII than me!
by tikal8 October 28, 2009
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To use forcefulness (usually not physical) to drive a person into a position where they have to do something they wouldn't normally do.
"the corrupt politician was steamrolled into resignation by the enticing underage intern."
by Heatherfish December 12, 2006
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(v.) To interrupt someone in the process of telling a long story or incident. Comes from the idea that someone's words are "steam-rolling" over what you are saying. Sometime hyphenated.
Kid: So anyways me and Jilanda were at the movies and...
Interrupting Kid: Isn't she with Damonte?
Kid: Dude, don't steam-roll me.
by FitzyBoy September 27, 2010
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