Mistakenly thought of as a berry however stands for Alternative Crap Anal Ingestion
Forbsey is ingesting those ACAI berries through his mouth.. he is doing it all wrong
by Hammo1976 October 17, 2017
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Acai - To be toxic and aggressive
"jesus Joe, no need to go all acai on him.."

"That figuren is so acai"
by Thelovo June 27, 2020
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Healthy fruit for hipsters formerly known as pomegranate.
Ginae: "Wanna get a pomegranate smoothie?"

Sarah: "No way girl that's so 2009, lets go get a acai tea frozen yogurt next to urban outfitters!'
by ginae classic & sarah sullivan January 28, 2010
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A YouTuber/Twitch streamer that plays primarily Clone Hero (Guitar Hero). Tends to play meme songs/charts. Failed to be the first to FC Soulless 4.
Acai was beaten by Darkly on the race to FC Soulless 4.
by BATMN every day January 31, 2019
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Brazillian energy fruit. Generally made into smoothie-style drinks or an ice cream like bowl of pure goodness. Grown in North Eastern region of Brasil, the acai palm is tall and.... that's about all I know about it but if you actually care read more about it. You can get the frozen pulp at whole foods sometimes. Dank shit and super tasty! Very good for you and gives you energy.
Man... 2 lines of the novente-nove porcent puro and the acai super energetico from the acai hut and my heart is racing!
by coldinwisconsin January 15, 2005
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form of god. usually tastes a lot like heaven.
hey Moonbeam what does acai taste like?
"like a huge chunk of heaven in a bowl!"
by xesfiend August 25, 2006
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