The lady who constantly destroys my self esteem and sometimes physically harms me, and I can't say shit because I have no where else to go.
There is no joke, save me from my mother
by depressedtodoroki June 23, 2020
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The birthgiver of your very being. The only reason ypu exist
by Karen's essential oils November 17, 2019
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it's the funniest person who i know. often it's very very severe with me, but she does 'cause for my sake. i love her. sometimes i hate her attitude.

an advice: treat her with kindness 'cause she give you everything, everything that you need.
me: i love you more than anything
my mother: do you need money or anything?
by au3.8 November 23, 2021
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its slang mostly used in new york, which means you being very serious.
raquel; "word to my mother i saw you kiss him"

carlos:" word to mommy i couldnt sleep last night."
by _.kimbobo._ November 3, 2019
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When you’re serious about something and it’s no lie.
Word to my mom, I heard you were talking about me. (Word to my mother) you can say mom however you want
by Gangdolky May 27, 2019
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Nickname for "Dad"/"Father", since he is the fucker of our mother.
Kid: What's up My Mother Fucker?!
Dad: What?! Get your ass to your room!

Kid: I heard My Mother Fucker fucking my mother last night.
Friend: Your Mother Fucker is one lucky bastard. Your mom is such a MILF
by MILF_FUCKER May 30, 2017
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also known as wrd2mm. this just means you are very serious and you swear on your mom's life in NYC slang.
yahyl: "why did you rob the burger king?"

ethan: "bro word to my mother i did NOT rob that burger king!"
by wordtomymotherbro March 16, 2023
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