22 definitions by Atomik Spongeface

The most evil woman on television, but that's what makes her so awesome!
If you're going on the Weakest Link, prepare to get torn to shreds by the Queen of Mean, Anne Robinson.
by Atomik Spongeface August 2, 2008
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Paul: Hey Dave, check out my new emotes!

Dave: Dude, your emotes suck compared to mine.

Paul: STFU.
by Atomik Spongeface July 10, 2008
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When someone posts two or more emoticons that completely contradict eachother.
An example of emoticontradiction:

Person 1: I'm a much bigger fan than you!
Person 2: Yeah right! XD ='( =P =S
Person 1: You didn't have to bombard me with smileys! =O XP
by Atomik Spongeface August 17, 2008
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The act of drinking someone else's beverage without letting your mouth come into contact with the can, I.E. holding the can above your mouth and pouring it in. The idea of sky drinking comes from the unpleasant prospect of having someone else's saliva on your drink can, which won't cause any harm, but still isn't very nice to think about.
"Hey Will, let's have some of that beer."
"Alright, but sky drink it, I don't want your germs on my can."
by Atomik Spongeface August 25, 2008
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To grab the length of a person's tie, yank it down, and push the knot up as far as you can. This results in the victim struggling to breathe, and also makes it very difficult to undo the knot as it has become so small (hence the word "peanut"). Done mostly by school kids as a prank on each other.
...and then he peanutted me, so I kicked him in the balls.
by Atomik Spongeface July 12, 2008
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A traffic jam that seems to happen for absolutely no reason. No roadworks, no traffic lights, no car crashes, no nothing. Just a great big traffic jam.
The common driver is often left not only frustrated, but also confused, after coming out of a phantom jam.
by Atomik Spongeface June 16, 2008
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Refers to the person who makes the next post after the Original Poster; the very first replier to a forum thread. So called because it's the next one on from OP.

The pattern can go on for as long as you like, OP+2, OP+3 etc. but when it gets too high to interpret at glance, it's probably not worth using.
The OP+1 is fuckin' troll, someone please ban him.
by Atomik Spongeface June 20, 2008
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