Something that is proclaimed. A declaration.
Winston made the proclamation that he was going to run for president in the next election.
by boxit January 1, 2014
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The declaration that all must eat fruit and food high in bran to help the flow of certain things coming out of the body
The president signed the constipation proclamation stating all must eat vegetables and fruits, and things high in bran
by funkymonkey2552 November 29, 2009
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When a guy who always denied ever jacking off first proclaims to their friends that they indeed do masterbate. Usually admitted after days, months and years of questioning and teasing.
Krieg- "You missed it last night. Brett finally caved."

Chase- "How's that?"

Krieg- "Masterbation Proclamation"

Chase- "I always knew he was a jackoff"
by woundtight September 25, 2011
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Law of the land giving any person the ability to claim any object on which they masturbates onto as long as that is not already claimed.
"I now own this due to the essential rights given to me by the Masturbation Proclamation"
by Christmas cruises October 6, 2017
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a statement someone makes or "proclaims" when he/she needs to go to the bathroom, like the emancipation proclamation, except for peeing
"Yo, I gotta use your bathroom, I'm about to make a urination proclamation, I've been holding it in for like 3 hours!"
by S McS May 29, 2007
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The statement of declaration that you are, from this point forward, no longer responsible for anything you say or do since you are hereby wasted.
"After that fourth shot of Jager, I believe it's time to make my Inebriation Proclamation"
by Aubrey Sabala October 27, 2006
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