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says it allows you to watch 72 minutes when instead it just stops the video whenever the fuck it wants to. anytime i try to watch anything online it shows up with like a fuckload of links ads and fucking music that will not stop for like 20 fucking minutes and by that time they already said i watched 72 fucking minutes of video. in the end you watch all the introduction crap to a video and then get so pissed off you are tempted to throw the computer out of the window and shit on it. fuck megavideo
jimmy watched 5 minutes of his favorite video when megavideo acted like a dick and said he watched 72 minutes like lying shits. jimmy got pissed and threw his computer out the window and took a shit on it
by cpm23 December 01, 2010
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A video sharing site that stole the idea from YouTube. The formally system of "Mega" was MegaUpload, which contains online storage and uploading files for internet users. "Mega Company"'s HQ is at Hong Kong and it is currently working hard to promote themselves and trying to replace YouTube. The only 2 reasons that MegaVideo can replace YouTube are able to upload videos more than 10 minutes and copyright videos can stay longer and not remove.

On MegaVideo you rarely get comments or rates on your video. Instead, on YouTube you get yell at for making stupid video and 1 star rating.
John: Did you watch Bleach Ep 170 on YouTube yesterday?

Matt: Dude, YouTube takes down copyrighted anime in like one second. How can I watch it?

John: Use MegaVideo then, it keeps the video and the whole episode is in one link, unlike YouTube you need to open 3.

Matt: Cool!

John: But you're using dial-up, I suggest you load the video before you go to sleep and next morning you can watch it, good luck.

Matt: Fuck you son.

by Michael Hacksen July 10, 2008
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MegaUpload's video hosting site. Much like MegaUpload, MV allows copyrighted videos to be on the site for months at a time. This combined with its fast load times and high quality make it the premier resource for anyone that wants to see full movies free, though you may need to use a resource like to find a movie on it, since they are often given wierd names to avoid copyright lawsuits. It also pays users for getting a lot of views. 5 million views nets you $10K. What sucks about MV - and there had to be something, right? - is that you can only watch 72 minutes of a movie and it freezes. You can fix this by just refreshing the page and fast-forwarding, though.
I wish I could afford to watch "Milk" again. Oh well, may as well just go watch it on MegaVideo.
by adam_f March 03, 2009
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Also see: piece of shit.

Possibly the shittiest and crassest video sharing site on the whole Internet. Its one goal is to try and be better than YouTube, which is something it has no hope of ever, ever doing. It has even been known to steal YouTube's videos, and pass them off as its own. The whole Internet laughs at MegaVideo for its bold proclamation that it "beats YouTube".
The Universe will expire long before MegaVideo comes close to YouTube.
by Atomik Spongeface June 23, 2008
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The annoying ass video site that usually only lets you watch movies at 70 something minutes a time.

The site to fall back on when ALL HOPE IS LOST for finding that movie to watch online. -if you don’t believe in torrents.

That is, if you don’t know how to reset your I.P. Address.
Christ! Now I have to wait.
Damn you Megavideo!!
by dogsread31 February 14, 2011
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