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A lurker is someone that follows the forum but doesn’t post.
by Monk Mojo August 05, 2003
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People who look at your myspace and dont leave comments, messages, pic comments, etc.
Rob:My Profile views just jumped from 14566 to 14589 in ten minutes!!
Fred:God damn lurkers!!
by Merritt July 07, 2006
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someone who seems to always be present bu unnoticed
Mongo: That kid Tonto is a lurker.
Thor: He is creepy.
Tonto: I am right here.
by Grimace April 09, 2003
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People who go on your stickam profile when your live and dont come into the chat.
Dave - "Oh shit look i got 10 lurkers"
John - "Imma cap them fewls with my aussie guns pew pew"
by Aaron Chapman October 17, 2007
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one who reads a blog without ever commenting on the posts
Dude, how come you never comment about anything I write on my site? You're such a lurker.
by juicebox February 09, 2005
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A lurker is someone who always just seems to be there, no matter where it is.

You always expect them to be there, because they pop up out of no where.

A lurker will often try and play it off as a joke when you confront them, but it's not a joke.
Anthony: That Jessica is such a lurker.
Trey: Yeah, she's always around.

Marcus: She just pops up unnoticed.

Antonio: Yeah, seriously!

Johnny: F-in Lurkin

Jessica: Hey guys!

Luke: Can you not lurk so much, Jessica?

Jessica: Oh luke! You're so funny!

Maddy and Davi: It's not funny
by cooolkids! June 11, 2009
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A person who is just "there." Nobody really knows why, other than they show up and don't say a word. Possible reasons for this could be:
-They don't know what to say
-They are pretending to have friends
-They are trying to scare you
-They are there just to be seen with you, as if they have some kind of relationship with you.
Person 1: Who's that?
Person 2: The lurker. He shows up everyday, just ignore him.
by 120000417 July 25, 2006
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