A lurker is someone that follows the forum but doesn’t post.
by Monk Mojo August 5, 2003
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Person who has less than 5% of the average user's number of interventions in an online community (sometimes even 0 interventions), yet seems to know everything about everyone. He's the one saving all of your Myspace photos in his computer without ever leaving a comment on them. After a week of lurking, he learns the ways of an online community better than very old members of it.

In real life, a lurker is a person who "happens" to overhear the most intimate of conversations and witness some key moments without many people even noticing he's there.
It's the 3925th time (random number) I go on Urban Dictionary, but the first time I post a definition. I guess that makes me a lurker.
by Insert Nickname Here June 21, 2010
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someone who seems to always be present bu unnoticed
Mongo: That kid Tonto is a lurker.
Thor: He is creepy.
Tonto: I am right here.
by Grimace April 9, 2003
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one who reads a blog without ever commenting on the posts
Dude, how come you never comment about anything I write on my site? You're such a lurker.
by juicebox February 10, 2005
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A person who is just "there." Nobody really knows why, other than they show up and don't say a word. Possible reasons for this could be:
-They don't know what to say
-They are pretending to have friends
-They are trying to scare you
-They are there just to be seen with you, as if they have some kind of relationship with you.
Person 1: Who's that?
Person 2: The lurker. He shows up everyday, just ignore him.
by 120000417 July 25, 2006
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a person who reads the posts on a forum, message board, etc, but does not post
The guy was just another lurker with no life.
by Light Joker August 3, 2005
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Lurkers lurk. This lurking may exist in the form of excessive monitoring and creating of PT threads, checking out other people's myspaces without the intention of leaving a comment or message, or hitting on/trying to get with someone. Most people are a lurker sometimes, but you aren't truly a lurker until PT or myspace is used everytime you see a computer, or you're creepy (possibly old) and hit on mad girls.
I was lurking on PT instead of writing my paper!

Oh my god he is such a lurker!

Wish I was lurker... Wish I was on myspace...
by mulberrysdream May 7, 2008
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