1) a potential customer
2) a potential girlfriend or sexfriend
These dating sites using the word prospect looks like I am looking for a job!
by Find a Wingman August 28, 2020
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any potential girl you want to get with or date
Kenny: Yo, I met this hot chick last night, I'm thinkin bout' makin her a prospect.

Matt: As long as she's chill bro.
by -0 January 3, 2010
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A prospect is a gang member in training. A "prospective" gang member. Often young and therefore not subject to be tried as an adult the prospects are often used to steal goods (incl cars) and graffiti property.
by limpopo November 6, 2007
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The act of sifting through the fallow stems, seeds, and shake of one's remaining marijuana purchase in the hopes of picking out something worth smoking.
Pothead 1: Dizzle, let's smoke up.
Pothead 2: Diz, you're buying this time. I've already been prospecting for days.
by GucciLittlePiggy August 20, 2008
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implies an actual experience of something forthcoming.

Hoping for advancement
A motorcycle club prospect, unlike Josh, whines about nothing.
by Talk Too July 24, 2019
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About to begin, relating to or effective to future. There is a 20 word minumum here. I don't have enough. I may now.
It was a prospective partnership. The man's face and the pavement were sure to be together for forever.
by A Man With A Card January 12, 2006
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A avenue in Kansas City,Missouri in the hood filled with hustlers,pimps,prostitutes,crack heads,and Black owned businesses. People who frequently walk the street are commonly referred to as 'Suspect' on Prospect.
Yo dog you ain't prospect you suspect !
by Sly Rhine March 31, 2013
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