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A piece of furniture that is used to carry out a death sentence by administering an electrical current to the subject that is sufficient to cause death.
Too many pedophiles. Time to dust off the ol' electric chair.
by Aribeth April 10, 2005
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The U.S. Federal Government, all State Governments, and all Local Governments are forbidden from using militay assets for Law Enforcement.
The Waco Texas Massacre was a violation of posse comitotus.
by Aribeth April 15, 2005
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To change the structural integrity of and object so as to render it incapable of containing mass. This is usually accomplished by a sudden, violent force, such as an explosion, or having the object struck by a hollow-point bullet travelling at extremely high velocities.
We are going out to the firing range to process some watermelons with our 50 calibre rifles.
by Aribeth April 1, 2005
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The main setting for the game Neverwinter Nights.
The first preseason game of the year is the Neverwinter Knights vs. the Luskan Raiders.
by Aribeth April 8, 2005
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When it gets cold in Neverland.
The Neverland Fairy went into hibernation at the first frost, so the little children thought that it was safe to play in Neverwinter.
by Aribeth April 8, 2005
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Hillary Clinton's Siamese Twin. They were joined at the dick. The dick's name is Janet Reno.
Even after separation, Hillary always gets the shake at the end after Rosie O'Donnell gets through pissing.
by Aribeth April 13, 2005
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