A place Dr. Phil sends bratty, rich, white girls girls to hopefully fix themselves and realize that they don’t need a $3,000 monthly allowance or a G-Wagon.
Girl 1- did you watch the latest PewDiePie video?
Girl 2- yeah, so glad she got sent to the ranch

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by Madisyn2304 February 8, 2019
Turn about ranch in Utah. The place Dr. Phil sends bratty teen girls
Send them to the ranch send them to the ranch
by The flower of your eye March 10, 2020
Turn about ranch a teen attitude correction center Escalante Utah known as the ranch because of Dr.Phil
They can be recognized in the town of Escalante by the red baseball caps and solid colored t-shirtsthey have on.
"Hey look they must be from the ranch."

"How can you tell?"
" The red caps and look there is the chaperone."
by The flower of your eye April 17, 2020
Gape your sexual partner and pour ranch dressing (usually hidden valley) in their butt hole and use it as a lubricant for intercourse.
Time to Ranch whats hidden in your valley.

the act of ranching
by SpiritOfSun February 11, 2020
A slang term for male masturbation.

Ranch dressing resembles semen, so "raching it" means jacking off.
"I heard Joe was ranching it in the school bathroom Tuesday!"
by lalala45677 January 23, 2009