A man who raped, stalked, and murdered 30+ women and was the first serial killer to have his trial on television.
Ted worked at a suicide hotline too, and is currently suffering in hell.
Ted Bundy is very, uh, weird.
by Ted Bundy. October 15, 2021
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Serial killer Ted Bundy terrorized young women throughout various states and claimed the lives of many
young women in vicious sexual assaults and killings.

Ted Bundy is estimated to have murdered between 35 to 50 young women in almost a dozen states.

Ted Bundy puttered about in a Volkswagen Beetle and used such ruses as feigning a broken arm to seek help from women, with dark hair with center parts, he would lead his victims into his car and to their death.

by shane carr March 26, 2003
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(v.) To Ted Bundy, to act weak to a woman to get draw her in, then routinely abuse her once she is under the assumption you are really a nice person. Named after the serial killer executed in 1989.
He Ted Bundy'd Joanna, and now she won't leave him because she thinks he loves her.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 2, 2004
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A little bitch boy that was only 5’10 and his full name was “Theodore Robert Bundy” and would get mad at and kill a women or girl when she laughed at his microscopic cock or not call him daddy and he is so terrible that when he was on death row other inmates raped him and screamed “We don’t like rape’os!” And Ted was also a republican so that is very stinky
Ted Bundy should have gotten fireworks shoved up his asshole
by Kitten Salad July 11, 2020
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Absolute great lass, he did wonders such as paint the great wall of chiner and also he took very famous photogrephs of viagra falls, also he was my uncle and he....

he fingered the cat a few times , but as i like to say, each to their own
by fannycatcher101 April 25, 2020
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when someone seems normal but turns out to be a psychopath
i found this roommate she seems pretty chill but hopefully i don’t get ted bundied
by bedtundy April 16, 2019
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