A bizzare cult-like fast food restaurant with flat-out addictive chicken but a fervently religious owner. The restaurant closes at 10 PM every day except Sunday when it is closed all day so employees can attend church.
Man I'm hungry lets go to Chick-fil-a.

Good idea hommes... oh wait, its closed.

by fredrickson August 14, 2004
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The place you always crave on the one day its closed, Sunday.
Girl 1- I want chick-fil-a sooo badly. Lets go get some.
Girl 2- Its Sunday. Its closed.
Girl 1-**Cries and cuts herself**.
by holly the ginger kid. May 6, 2007
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Some place at the mall.
I said, "Bitch, go up there and get me a chickin sandwich and some waffle fries. For FREE!" Chick-fil-a.
by Tit-ass September 29, 2007
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A propaganda campaign against Chickenkind that is being waged by an evil herd of Undead Cows.

Their latest strategy involves comandeering every billboard along America's hiways and biways.
Let's invite our PETA buddies over to Chick-fil-a!
by Aribeth April 10, 2005
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