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An organization that tells others to go vegan.

These pieces of shit don't like it when animals are hurt in any way, but they have killed more than 10000 pets, claiming they were "sick", but they were perfectly healthy.
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by PI55 September 01, 2018
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The so called "People for the Ethical Treatment of animals" but closer to modern day Nazis. They will force their minority views onto everyone, even using extreme acts such as: Arson, pornography, violence and even attempted murder (fascism). They have also killed thousands of homeless animals and mutilated seals to try and prove their point (hypocrisy). Conclusion: they are fucking terrorists.
Person 1: I just joined PETA
Person 2: Hello is this 911, I have a man here that just joined a terroist group please come and arrest him.
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by Omfi September 06, 2018
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People who give vegetarians and vegans a bad name
Omnivore: I like meat.
Peta member: Murderer!

Omnivore: I like meat.
Regular vegetarian: OK.
by ;iogsd;lkvna;lk July 05, 2009
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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a popular terrorist organization in the United States.
It's okay to hurt humans, but not to hurt animals.
by J. C. T. May 22, 2005
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PETA (pet euthanizing transgender anarchist) is a terrorist group of people that like animals, but have no knowledge about them. PETA tends to hate on humans for eating meat, and being normal humans, While they eat stake dinners and swear at the waiter for not being vegan. 100% of PETA members have autism, and cannot function as normal humans, so steal pets from people's porches or backyards to play with, and euthanize. PETA tends to hate on everyone that calls out their bullshit, and even harassed the currently dead, animal expert Steve Irwin on his birthday. This is one of many terrorist attacks PETA has released to the world. PETA claims to have over 6.5 million insane and retarded members.
If you wish to join the terrorists, here's the requirements:
1) must be an atheist.
2) must have a "let me talk to your manager" haircut.
3) must kick and punch puppies on the sidewalk.
4) every action must be hypocritical to your last sentence.
follow these steps to get a letter from PETA inviting you to join, and at least 50 restraining orders, and a notice that you are on a hit-list.
You're as fucking retarded as PETA.
by xrynightmare March 03, 2019
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