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Vagina in Russian. A word that you can write on the blackboard at your school, without your teachers knowing that you wrote vagina on their board. Just tell them it's your favorite breed of cat.
Would you like to touch my manda?
by Ari June 14, 2006

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Incredible idea made up by Ari Gaffen to combine Porn, with ice skating. Should get all credit if it ever becomes a reality.
Man, i really need to see some porn on ice.
by Ari February 10, 2003

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Directed towards an infant its meaning is "an accident, unplanned or unwanted baby"
Father to crying baby : Shut the hell up you fucking broken condom!!
Baby: Daddy...?
by ari April 06, 2003

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Incredible medicine for use on vaginal irritation. Very good product.
That vagicil really helped with my crabs last night.
by Ari February 10, 2003

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a term given to a foursome involving one woman, and three men. Each guy sticks his dick in his desired hole on the girl until she is plugged up and therefore air-tight.

For added 'air-tightness,' a tupper-ware party can consist of 6 other men, for a total of 9, plus the girl. These additional men would need abnormally small penis's as they would be inserted into the remaining holes on the girl: The ears, the nostrils, and the eye-sockets for maximum air-tightness.
Last night's tupper-ware party left Marie-Lynn very sore the next day.
by Ari April 12, 2005

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Alo is undefinable. It is derived from the tribal language of the Bengali. It is commonly used in Spanish conversations.
This world is aloed.
I just failed a math exam, alo.
by Ari December 16, 2004

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1. A fictional collective-minded cybernetic species on the TV show "Star Trek" On thhe show the Borg are an unstoppible force as they will eventually adapt to all your weapons and there simply is more of them then anyone else.

2. To steal or absorb

2. "John Borged my Sterio!"
by Ari February 22, 2005

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