29 definitions by Ari

The best gum ever created by Israelis. It is the best stuff to chew. It is only known about by really really cool jewish people. It's addictive.
That Apple Orbit is the shizie yo. I would bust a cap in someone's ass for some.
by Ari March 6, 2003
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How the Drumline aka Dumbline in our marching band affectionately refers to the colorguard.
Dumbline:Stupid ass tartguard
Tartguard: Shut the fuck up dumbline!
by Ari March 7, 2005
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Incredible idea made up by Ari Gaffen to combine Porn, with ice skating. Should get all credit if it ever becomes a reality.
Man, i really need to see some porn on ice.
by Ari February 10, 2003
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a word with no real definition
to get people to reveal their "honesty"
ask your friend" dude dont they look percafetory?" and if he says "yes" you will know hes a liar
by Ari September 21, 2003
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ian is a mad rad kid
by Ari September 18, 2003
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Vagina in Russian. A word that you can write on the blackboard at your school, without your teachers knowing that you wrote vagina on their board. Just tell them it's your favorite breed of cat.
by Ari June 14, 2006
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An adjective that describes something by neta's standards.
by Ari February 9, 2003
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