The action in which you give your boyfriend a blow job. Have him cum in your mouth and pretend that you have swallowed it. Then go up to his face and act like you are going to kiss him. Instead of kissing him, blow the cum into his eyes. This will make his hands fly up to his eyes making him look like a crying baby.
I just made my boyfriend look like a crying baby.
by kay becky August 13, 2007
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People who are extremely sensitive and tend to be triggered easily, consequently ending in tears.
"I seem to replace my brain with my heart. I take things so hard and then I fall apart. I try to explain but before I can start, those cry baby tears come out of the dark.
They call me Cry Baby"
by trash_n.1 June 26, 2016
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A cry baby is someone who cries often, but the reason behind it is due to their pure heart and not out of self pity or a selfish need.
she's a cry baby, but she's my princess
by RealDannyCruz March 3, 2019
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A fan of Melanie Martinez that listens to her music and loves Melanie's style
OMG are you a cry baby too? Yeah I am I love her songs
by Crybaby183663 June 27, 2017
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Someone who whines and cries.
Leonardo.E.Mitre is a member of AVALON, and he is a Cry Baby.
by AMEX forever June 30, 2012
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Contrary to the actual words used, a cry baby neither cries nor is an infant, but is a fully grown adult who whines too much and should know better.

A cry baby will normally complain about the most petty things, like there being no packets of brown sugar on their hotel room tea tray, the fact the train is four minutes late, and being dumped by their significant other.

The only acceptable way to deal with a cry baby is to pretend to physically cry when they start complaining, by rubbing ones eyes and quivering ones bottom lip in a totally OTT manner, followed by the put-down "don't cry about it".
Tubs: "Can you believe it, there's no haddock left down the chippy!"
Edward: "Boo-hoo, don't cry about it, cry baby!"
by Jamie Douglas September 6, 2006
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a person who whines cries and throws a fit over silly bullshit. Someone who whines just to whine and argues just to argue. A silly bitch.
Vitale is a such a cry baby. He whines and cries over nothing to get attention.
by juiz January 14, 2008
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