The section of the band that is always misunderstood. They DO know how to read music (yeah drummers in the band also play mallet instruments in concerts, what a concept) and have the most challenging music, but band is NOT their life. They have to master playing 50+ different insturments, which is why most people find it so fun. Band directors usually blame the drumline for their problems.
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
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A group of talented musicians, boys AND girls, who play percussion instruments on the field. Despite what the rest of the marching band might think, the drumline CAN read music and normally will throw down beats on demand. The drumline is the backbone and the heartbeat of a marching band and without it all the other cocky musicians wouldn't be able to keep time. The rest of the band is intimidated by the drumline because the drumline knows how to play ten times the amount of instruments they do, and spends more time practicing than they could even imagine.
Wow did you hear how well the drumline did?

Yeah! Why do the rest of us even bother?
by Tails Mghee March 18, 2008
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The best (and loudest) part of the marching band. Drumline practice is sometimes productive but mostly its just sitting around and making perverted jokes. Most of the marching band wishes they were us and/or think we are HAWT ;)
Marching band boy: dang look at that drumline! They are so awesome
MB girl: yeah and look at that guy playin quints, what a hottie
Boy: yea so is that snare chick. Girls who play drums are super hot.
by snare_chickkk_yeah July 29, 2010
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the best part of the band who can infact read music! *gasp* shocker, I know. And are NOT all guys. -_-
Man, did you hear our kick ass drumline last night?
by THE Drummer CHICK May 18, 2004
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A cult.
The drumline was saying some weird chants earlier. Something about a snare-god. Their such a cult.
by Trumpetgirl7777777 April 7, 2016
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1. The sexiest people you'll ever meet. ( rainbow , taste the rainbow )

Usually made up of guys, but sometimes girls.

Band directors blame them for everything, and sometimes joke about their stupidity and their unability (Yeah, I know that's not a word) to read music. This is very rarely true.

Kick ass.

2. A dumb Nick Cannon movie. Everyone in marching band (esp. drummers!) is required to watch it and hate on it. :p
I know, your drumline is SO SEXY!
by MissSky May 26, 2010
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The section of the band that consists of a Batterie(no, that is not misspelled), or the field percussion, and a front ensemble, or pit, consisting of mallet and auxiliary percussion and often a bass guitar. The field percussion often consists of 3-4 snares in smaller bands and 7-10 in bigger bands, 4-5 bass drums, 2-3 multi-tenors (quads, quints, or sixpacks), and 2-3 marching cymbals. They are the hardest working, most featured section of the marching band and are often the flashiest as well. When the band enters the stadium, they often march at the back or in the middle, and play a 30 second-1 minute piece of music featuring the drumline, often called a "cadence" or "street beat". The best snare, also called "drum captain" or "center snare", starts the cadence with a signal yell or phrase and keeps the beat for the drumline during the show by yelling "daht" to the beat of the drum major during rests. Sometimes, they will challenge other drumlines to a "drum battle", which consists of playing prepared cadences until one line runs out of ideas and are declared the loser.
1. Our drumline kicked ass! I really liked their cadence, too.
by dvdwinter9 December 2, 2006
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