166 definitions by Anthony

1.where urine comes out of the PENIS

2.also used as a dirty name
1.i went to the bathroom and my piss hole was burning

2.your a fucken piss hole!
by Anthony February 07, 2005
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Anthony's obnoxious face
Derivation: Latin: scrampus - lick my taint
thonius - please
Scrampthonie is so scrampthonyesque that you can smell it from down the hall.
by Anthony October 20, 2004
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The spawn of all noobs and fanboys on the IGN message boards, A horrid place that only the bravest of all enter
Killzone board sucks
by Anthony July 10, 2004
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To take a shower and get off all the stank and funk. Originated from Anthony.
Yo I'm gonna go defunkify in the shower right quick.
by Anthony May 10, 2004
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Medium to small bird, various species generally closely related to the Parrot species. Regulary misused by Americans who call their budgerigars 'parakeets'.
American: "I have a parakeet"
Me: "Cool, what sort of bird is it?"
American: "A parakeet"
Me: "No dumbass, its a budgerigar."
by Anthony January 07, 2004
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APCyberax is a Nickname well know on the internet by olsen-twins fans. APCyberax made and runs many olsen twin sites and was also well know in the newsgroups.
I know APCyberax from the newsgroup
by Anthony December 30, 2004
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Black Velvet (whiskey)
Man I drank half the fifth of BV and I got fucked up!
by Anthony December 13, 2007
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