Trespass while there is space.
It's so nice of u 2 let me stay in ur spare bedroom even though I infringe by useing the window as the door
by zeus4all June 30, 2017
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the action of breaking the terms of law
A team is awarded a free kick after infringement by their opponents.
by Yosy October 17, 2013
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The female equivalent of a cock-block.

Stopping a girl (be you either male or female) from talking to or flirting with someone thus ruining their chances of sexual intercourse.
"Hey, I was totally hitting it off with this dude last night 'til Sally came over and minge-infringed me!'

"Dave was chatting to this skanky hoe last night, then, right out of nowhere, her older sister came over and played the old minge-infringe! He was so pissed off!"
by DisappearingAct December 1, 2011
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The act of stealing a superior person’s paradigm. Can include mannerisms, catch phrases or “general ethos” (see penil code 69.69)
Imma sue that motherfucker for paradigm infringement!
by Frank Moody September 26, 2018
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The act of taking another person's deserved props or "Kudos"; Taking another persons opportunity to receive Kudos
bob: yesterday I bought Debra a birthday card and left it in her mailbox.
Ted: I told her it was from me......
bob: Kudo infringement!
by jjjduce December 12, 2009
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A phrase put in the title and/or description section of youtube videos by incredibly stupid people who don’t understand how copyright laws actually work. The phrase makes no logical sense because it directly contradicts their action of uploading content which they aren't the copyright holder of.

By analogy, according to people who use the phrase, someone should be able to shoot them in the head while yelling “NO HARM/MURDER/MANSLAUGHTER INTENDED!” and get away with it.
I'll laugh my ass off if someone ever tries to use "No copyright infringement intended" in court.
by cbauersc December 12, 2009
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What bad motherfuckers put in their video descriptions on YouTube to stick the proverbial middle finger of insurrection right in those copyright bastard’s faces.
Stanley: “Hey, I just uploaded Cliff Richard’s ‘The Millennium Prayer’ on YouTube. I wrote ‘copyright infringement intended’ because I’m a rebel against society.”

Reginald: “Dude, that track’s wack anyway. Ain’t like no one gives a damn about no copyright shit neither. Plus, Cliff Richard can suck a fart right out o’ my ass.”
by Angrywank October 19, 2010
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