145 definition by Angelacia

Somebody who spends way too much time in the tanning booth, turning an unnatural fake orange color.
I went to the Hollywood party, and all I could see were Creamsicles.

Famous Creamsicles:
Lindsay Lohan
Paris Hilton
Kim Cattrall
that guy who does the "I mean toasted" commercials on TV
by Angelacia June 14, 2007

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A nasty old guy who can't be proven to be a pedophile, so he's just a creepophile.
Pervert alert! Hey Sandy, there goes that nasty creepophile that lives over on Euclid Avenue.
by Angelacia May 21, 2007

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School of Creative and Performing Arts, located in the Paradise Hills section of San Diego.
i love scpa, you can be a director, actor, singer or dancer.
by Angelacia May 01, 2007

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When you go into a Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom or Marc Jacobs and there are $50 tank tops stretched and faded, and generally looking like they came out of a pile of salvation army clothes. you are think WTF? but other people are eagerly trying them on and buying them, even though if you were to suggest they go to an actual thrift store and get the same clothes for $1.99, they would be shocked/horrified/appalled.
That $200 faded black hoodie with the intentional silver paint splotches is so thrift store chic.
by Angelacia May 25, 2007

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A really cool used CD store in Santa Barbara. You can get a napoleon dynamite-style mixtape for 99 cents there.
let's go down to morning glory music and get some kick-ass underground mixtapes.
by Angelacia May 25, 2007

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The middle toe. It is called the Jan Brady Toe because it is in the middle, but it also probably feels insignificant and unloved like her as well.
Ouch! I broke my Jan Brady Toe last night after kicking Omar in the shin.
by Angelacia May 22, 2007

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A fake hair piece, either a whole bunch (for example a pony tail) or integrated bits of hair 'weaved' in with the rest of the hair. Mostly black in color, because the majority of people that wear them are black so they want it to blend in. However there are some people that choose, um, interesting colors...
tell my neighbor artisha that her nasty ass purple weave is disgusting, it dont matter if she is 11 its still disgusting
by Angelacia May 02, 2007

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