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end of date insta-blow-off
saying 'see you around' isn't saying 'i'll give you a call', 'see you again soon', or 'are you free next weekend?'. it's saying 'if we ever see each other again it will be a chance encounter in my neighborhood and we won't speak to each other and might not even acknowledge each other's presence'
suzy: thanks for tonight, we should see each other again!
dave: yeah, see you around
by Angelacia March 24, 2011
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A grimy drug-infested area of London. It has been majorly cleaned up but it's still not that good.
When you walk out of King's Cross station you are immediately confronted by a bunch of drugged-up homeless and nasty looking teenagers wanting drugs or to sell you drugs.
by Angelacia May 21, 2007
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When someone is telling one of those really long 'isn't it so weird when' stories, and no one can identify, and they go to one person in the group desperately and say, "You get it, right?'
Molly: Yeah, like, it's so weird when you're in the hot tub and you're looking up at the stars and you think, 'Hey, I could die right now, my grandma could be dead right now and I wouldn't even know.'

Everyone: ?

Molly: (grabs someone's arm) You get it, right? Like, it's the weirdest feeling...you get it, right?
by Angelacia June 20, 2007
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The worst area of any city, anywhere.
I live in southeast.

by Angelacia June 20, 2007
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When something is so over-the-top, sexual, beutiful or feminine that it is not classy.
Examples of cheap beauty:
The name Diamonique
a pink tube top
big gold heart-shaped hoop earrings
a huge pink diamond ring
by Angelacia May 2, 2007
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Preps are from rich families, academically gifted, and destined to make a lot of money just like their parents. It is ridiculous to say that they are 'ditzes' and 'sluts'. You would not make it into a prep school if you were either of these things. And preps do not wear American Eagle. They shop at Neiman Marcus.

Also, it's not like preps want to be anything else. Whenever somebody comes to a prep school dressed ghetto/goth/hooker, they are either immediately ostracized and made fun of, or more commonly they prep it up too. ;)

Also, it is ridiculous for people who pierce holes through their lips and noses just to fit in, to call US posers.
Come to La Jolla Country Day, where we don't care that a bunch of goths wearing dog collars and chains, in remedial 4th grade math, make fun of us!

Prep and proud.
by Angelacia May 2, 2007
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