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a brazilian supermodel who died from anorexia.
ana carolina reston was said to have been living on a diet of apples and tomatoes prior to her death.
by Angelacia July 11, 2008
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The same kinda thing as 'i know, right?', or 'hell yea'.
danielle: damn that shirts hella tight on u girl
amanda: and you know this!
by Angelacia September 08, 2007
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Very hip figure in the 60's when he was the poster boy for Pop Art and hip culture. He died of gallstone surgery at a young age. Unfortunately increasing numbers of annoying rich kids are discovering him and trying to be 'deep' by dropping his name into any and every conversation.
Me: What's 8x148 do you know?

Linux: Andy Warhol!! oh God I'm so provocative I should be on Mind of Mencia!
by Angelacia April 15, 2007
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can i have yo number?

slick and cool ..
guaranteed to get you a hair slap as those girls walk away so fast!
so, uh, i was wondering ... can i get those seven digits?
by Angelacia July 16, 2009
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the most boring fucking 'school' ever. Charter condenses all the bad things about school (work, homework, having to sit there doing nothing) and takes out all the fun parts (friends, talking, break, um other human beings). Charter is where bad kids go, or in my experience, my mother wanted me at home to look after my sisters all day, so she enrolled me in this fucked up 'school'. You're not allowed to talk so you don't meet any of the other students, but you wouldn't want to anyway, cuz they're lame. Smokers, goth, pregnant, ghetto, probation, druggies, kids who couldn't deal with school cuz of the social pressure, and drug dealers are the only people you will meet/see in CHarter. Trust me, I thought high school was bad, but now I miss having actual human beings to tlak to instead of not being able to talk like I'm in fucking prison.
"I go to Monte Vista. What about you?"
"Charter School."
"That sucks."
by Angelacia June 11, 2007
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the drawing that an emo kid inflicts on society, usually a drawing on paper that they broadcasted through their myspace/facebook/xanga/livejournal whatever. it is drawn in black or blue ballpoint pen, very heavy lines and heavily shaded in. usually a rose with a drop of blood, a fellow emo kid is always a classic, or some other stupid shit like that.
did you see stefan's emo drawing? he wishes he could fit into a pair of girl jeans like his character can.
by Angelacia October 03, 2007
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