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When a black person or person of African/Caribbean descent has a naturally light, golden skin tone. It is considered more attractive than darker skin tones.
Tyra Banks is light skinned, and Naomi Campbell is chocolate skinned, and many people think that Naomi Campbell is more attractive.
by Angelacia May 26, 2007
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the spy.

a little girl who looked through windows at other people. a sick, sick little person.
Harriet the spy was looking through the window while i was fucking my girlfriend. LITTLE BITCH!
by Angelacia May 03, 2007
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Mexican town that shares the border with the US. Scary ass ghetto place. When you get through, you see 'welcome to Mexico' and tons of homeless kids playing miniature guitars for money. You basically walk around, looking for bottled water (since you can't drink the faucet water in TJ), hoping not to encoutner a gang of muggers or organ-thieves, and especially not the cops who will kidnap and rape you and then steal your money. A bunch of cheap ass trinkety stores with Mexican guys yelling at you in Spanish or some kind of English and grabbing you, trying to force you into their store. Lots of cheap alcohol and tourist bars, which are dangerous bcuz you NEVER wanna get drunk in TJ! You'll get killed. When you drive back out again you have to yell "American Citizen" in an American accent so you can drive out. If you sound Mexican, they keep your ass in Mexico Basically, not a good place to go.
John: I went to Tijuana last weekend.

Bob: Yeah I can tell by your ripped clothes and bottles of cheap tequila.
by Angelacia April 17, 2007
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Another word for a teenage mother, from Tupac's song 'Brenda's Got a Baby'.
Bobby: Why isn't Shanique here today?

Billy: She transferred to Me and My Baby Academy

Bobby: She went brenda?!
by Angelacia June 20, 2007
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A religion that was started in the Bronx, New York, which many rappers belong to. Its teachings require members of this religion to kill 'white devils' (preferably seven of them) because they are evil and subhuman.
I don't give a shit what those ignorant 5 percenters do as long as they're not killing anybody.
by Angelacia June 14, 2007
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