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An English male author who writes books about the hopeless and pathetic lives of other English men. They can be very good but kind of depressing.
Did you read that new Nick Hornby book yesterday?
by angelacia May 24, 2007
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What's in a middle-aged person's vocabulary from when they were pretty young things. it is exceptionally obvious when a.) the oldie in question is presenting a motivational speech to a bunch of bored high school kids and wants them to think they are 'hap'nin' but doesn't know the correct speech anymore, b.) when said oldie decided to write a 'convincing' teen novel. Is also apparent on the 'made for teens' websites you have to visit for school, where you're so enraptured in the hip language that you don't realize you're learning! *yay*
Let's read an exerpt of my new motivational book for teens:
Kyle: What's up Verne, you're looking tubular today!
Verne: Man, hey! Don't block my style. Anyway, I was wondering if you'd heard of the totally far-out website that helps teens like us help kids all over the world.
Kyle: Man, what a trip! Let's start making a difference!

(Communal gags from all under-85's at the blatant use of middle aged slang)
by angelacia May 25, 2007
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A way to clean up the word mierda, Spanish for shit.
miercoles we only did the first half of our book report and it;s due tomorrow
by angelacia May 25, 2007
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The most paranoid mutherfuckers in the world. You can't be a teenager at 6 pm and walk five steps before they're on you asking where you "got your drugs". They shine a flashlight in your face and threaten to take you in because you're looking "spaced out".
The London Police are ridiculous. I was walking down my road at 8 o'clock and they stopped me, saying I looked like I was on heroin! (true story)
by angelacia May 02, 2007
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it's really confusing how censored rap songs use 'loving' to replace 'fucking' even when they're talking about some ho they don't care about.

akon 'i just wanna love you'
ashanti 'ooh baby when you're loving me'
by angelacia November 19, 2010
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