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To headbutt someone in the chest during a crucial moment.
Player 1: Give me the ball.
Player 2: No.
Player 1: Don't make me go Zidane on you.
by Amolo July 09, 2006
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The name for the day after Thanksgiving. It is named this way because it is supposed to be the day where companies move from deficits to profits for the year, i.e. in a checkbook, going from the red to the black.
Store Executive: We'll have a ton of Black Friday sales to help our company make up for lackluster sales these past 11 months.
by Amolo November 25, 2005
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An airport that serves New York City.
I flew from LAX to JFK.
by Amolo October 03, 2005
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Used when someone does not want to be held accountable for something.
Person 1: Why didn't your administration do your jobs?
Person 2: Hey, hey, hey, stop playing the blame game!
by Amolo September 10, 2005
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Acronym for "What Would Jack Bauer Do?!?!"
Person 1: You have 24 hours to save the world
Person 2: WWJBD!!
by Amolo January 28, 2006
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An injury obtained by playing the Nintendo Wii.

Due to the Wii's motion sensor controller, players of the Wii actively move their body while playing games.
I was playing on the Wii and got a wiinjury when I hit my arm against a table.
by Amolo November 18, 2006
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A far too avid user of Myspace.
person 1: Leave me a myspace comment!
person 2: I just left you one you mywhore!
by Amolo July 14, 2005
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