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Relaxed, easy-going, non-enforcing
don't worry about smuggling it in, they're pretty lax about it here
by poobum November 14, 2003
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an abbreviation of lacrosse. also makes you sound l33t. can also be mistaken for laxative
Lax is such a cool sport
by rika-chan September 17, 2003
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1. Los Angeles Times

2. Title of The Game's third album

3. Title of track no. 10 on Snoop Dogg's album The Blue Carpet Treatment
"Oh... Cali?"
"No doubt baby"
"Welcome to Cali"

from Snoop Dogg's L.A.X. off The Blue Carpet Treatment

by 2pac4lyf August 12, 2008
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Los Angeles Internation Airport. One of the main airports in LA. Called LAX so it can be fit on the plane arrival/departure screens.
Our flight to Phoenix has an hour delay at LAX.
by </time> September 14, 2003
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