371 definition by AdRiAn

To have similar qualities as the legendary Leroy Jenkins who in the World of Warcraft runs into the dungeon and gets him and his group's asses handed to them, but still manages to come out with his pride and dignity in tact.

1. Someone who lacks all comprehension of the word 'caution'
2.To crush all hopes of succes into the ground
3.One who likes chicken
*Group has been planing how how to clear dungeon for the last 30 minutes*

Pally: we'll have a 32.33% chance of success
Warior: ugh, well thats better than we usualy...
Warrior: no, he didnt just do that did he?...
by Adrian July 24, 2006

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a traitor. A backstabber.
What a freakin turncoat.
by Adrian January 18, 2005

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The genius that brought us memorable characters such as Borat.
Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius. Is nice!
by Adrian January 30, 2007

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A dominant lesbian. Usually hs short hair or mullet.
Rosie Odonell is a Bull-Dyke.
by Adrian October 15, 2003

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1. one of the ugliest motherfuckers you will ever see, or
2. one of the best soccer players you will ever see.
Ronaldinho might be both.
by Adrian August 19, 2006

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Insanely hot actress that plays Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye and Jean in the X-men movies.
Did you see Famke Janssen's legs in X3? Goddamn...
by Adrian October 07, 2006

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The only person that can make me like country music.
Good ol' Johnny Cash.
by Adrian September 22, 2006

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