The best band ever, honestly, im not kidding, go out and listen to them, NOW!
"did you go to the Breaking Benjamin show last night?" "yeah man, i swear there the best band ever!"
by Minolta March 23, 2004
The Best Freaking Band in the World
in my case only known for "So Cold"
and 'Sooner or Later" but have many better songs
FireFly Could you shine your light
Now I know your ways
'cause they're just like mine
Now I'm justified
As I fall in line
And it's hard to try
When you're open wide

by Willie the Great April 21, 2005
An amazing band that rocks!!!They're music not only has kick ass, but also, amazing lyrics!!!It sucks that people pay no attention to them, and that they aren't that popular, they are so amazing, go buy one of their cd's!!!
Fuck you firefly, have you lost you light?Now I hate your ways cuz theyre just like mine.-Firefly
I chase the sun, it chases me. You know my name, you know my face. You'd know my heart if you knew my place.-Follow
by Super L March 19, 2005
1.A great band out of my area... Has the greatest underground site EVER. It's amazing. 4500 members and growing :D

2.A band known only for We Are Not Alone

3.A band consisting of Ben burnley, Aaron Fink, Marcus James, and Chad Szeliga (it's all about the chad! :D)
Me:Dude, did you hear breaking benjamin's song topless?

Them:Topless? They don't wear shirts?

by jmeye47 April 13, 2005
A hard rock/metal band hailing from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvannia. This band was originally called Plan 9 until a personal experience came. Ben Burnley the lead singer broke a microphone that he borrowed, the owner came on and said"thanks to benjamin for breaking my fucking mic". This band has influences such as Tool and Nirvana. They are a great band very unique sound. They have two albums out, Saturate and We Are Not Alone, a third entitled Phobia is set to come out August 8th.
man: Have you heard breaking benjamin, they rock!!
Breaking benjamin critic: Yea they are pretty good
man: And i thought u were a critic, that must mean they are very good
by chity chity bang bang June 25, 2006
An amazing band probably one of the best post grunge alternaive metal/rock band out there at the moment. they have four albums but if you like heavy then their 1st album saturate is the best. they get a little softer as they progress but the lyrics and the music is just out of ths world. they dont travel to england or europe because the singer has phobias ( hense the title of the 3rd album phobia) but they should. they are friends with Three days grace and Seether. check them and and find out more from wikipedia!
1st guy; hey u excited to see breaking benjamin supporting 3 days grace and seether?

2nd guy; no man cos i live in england grr
by master of ure mum August 16, 2010
Awesome rock band. Much more than "So Cold", but most of you mainstream queers would never know it.

(Note: To Juicy Mix - omg sayin linin prak adn brakin bengamen su>< is kewl u r teh leet! <3)
"Firefly" is a freaking straight BB song.
by Rufus Shinra November 21, 2004