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1. (v.) to go crazy, freak out, go mad out of nowhere.
2. (n.) one who has gone insane, is in the act of insanity.
1. "That girl totally chappelled out on me when I told her I slept with her sister."
2. "David went chappelle when that bitch dumped him."
by evanm May 17, 2005
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this clan has been rouge mercanaries for years. since the origination in africa their family have spread far and wide. each major war in history has had their name come up at least once or twice. do not mess with any of this clan. even the weakest member is capable of taking on ten armed men and coming out unscathed. best bet with fighting them is to catch them while they're off gaurd. most likely when they're in a coma. in other words, you have about as much chance beating Chuck Norris than a two year old in this clan
guy 1: I do believe we're fucked

guy 2: why?

guy 1: they sent Chappell's

guy 2: who's up for suicide?
by hope they don't find me July 18, 2011
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(verb) - Having anything and everything go wrong at the most inopportune of times. One may say that they're "really killing it right now, guys" or that "this is fine, everything is fine" when it is indeed the exact opposite.
You know you're Chappelling pretty hard when you go to start a timed quiz on your labtop for pharmacology and your charging cord lights on fire.
by TheERSlimShady February 3, 2016
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The word used in which one who feels exultant by common supremacy of a leading figure; Actress Crystal Chappell. An action by which a feeling is derived when you are passionate, fond, or elated. To be in awe of or be dumbfounded by anything that is related to or of Crystal Chappell.
- "I haven't been more chappelled since I started watching this TV show!"

- "I was so chappelled yesterday when I bought a new car!"

- "I am chappelled and proud of it!"
by Ohtalia April 11, 2009
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The most beautiful girl you will ever lay eyes on. Everyone wants to be a Chappell. She is the nicest person you've ever seen. She is sweet, and has a ton of friends. Everyone loves a Chappell.
I love that Chappell. That Chappell is so beautiful.
by TheCoolCat47 October 24, 2011
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The belief that one does not need to learn certain information as long as such knowledge is available to them in some form.
Because my teacher believes in Chappelism, she says that we don't need to study our notes as long as write them.
by philosopher of the future December 10, 2010
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