the only reason for my existence + the only reason i pay for cable instead of stealing it
comedy central is the best network ever
south park rules all bow down
by PlayDohMan April 24, 2004
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The only network that plays Coming to America 5,00000 times a week
Damn Coming to America agian? Must be comedy central!
by DizzyLizzy February 12, 2007
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A comedy channel that used to be the best on basic cable. But now it's going down the toilet because of unfunny annoying shows like Crank Yankers and Wanda Sykes, too many re-runs, and because some of the best shows are being cancelled and replaced with cheap trash.
Remember when you could watch the Man Show and Comedy Central was good?
by scuba steve January 10, 2005
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Once a channel which had minimal viewers, but then south park came along, and the show kicked so much ass that the channel than kicked ass too. Except for Mad TV, which is a cheap spin-off of SNL, which was only funny every other week on one skit, Mad TV is funny about every 6 months on half of a skit, basically the show is doing to Comedy Central what the Holocaust did to jews
Guy 1: Hey did you see South Park on comedy central which wasn't that great until South Park was added, but still has Mad TV, which is a cheap spin-off of SNL, which was only funny every other week on one skit?
Guy 2: Yes, but did you know in 2007, 48.5% of teens reported not using a condom during sexual intercourse?
Guy 1: No I did not
Guy 1 and 2: The more you know (The background fades to black and a rainbow, stars, and the words "The more you know" appears over their heads)
by Sunshine Bear December 11, 2008
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Awesome most of the time:
Daily Show: the only reliable mainstream news source on tv(on print it's the onion duh!); it takes punches at both the right and the left, but considering most self-labeling "conservatives" are dumbasses these days, they leave themselves wide open for more shots, thus the satire of neo-condoms are hilarious (even my ignorant neo-con friends love it and the station)
South Park: Shocking, awesome, and re-inventing itself
Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn: Douche Bag who won't shut up and give other people a chance to rationally express their opinions
Reno 911, Crank Yankers, usually whatever the newest show is: funny for the first five minutes you ever saw them, then crap crap boring crap
Dave Attell: ok, always finds something crazy and worthwhile in every town
Dave Chappell: Kick ass satire. I never thought I'd see a blind black kkk member. Proves just how dumb racism is. Anyways the shit, just make more new episodes for prince's sake!
Mad tv: This show is boring; the characters are just dumb; they suck
Kids in the hall: Best Comedy Show ever!!! BRING IT BACK!!! AWESOME
Anyways that about sums it up.
did you see the daily show last night, (insert guest) was on last night?
yeah amazing, john stewart is the shit.
Yeah I totally watch that instead of the simpsons considering I've seen them all about 40 times; after the daily show I watch adult swim or vh1
by fotodevoto August 14, 2004
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