The second album released by The Killers. It is an amazing album with a different sound than Hot Fuss but it is still The Killers. The singles from the album include When You Were Young, Bones, and the newest release Read My Mind. No matter what Rolling Stone Magizine says it is an amazing album!
Bill: Have you heard the song When You Were Young?
Bob: Yes it's on the album Sam's Town by The Killers
Bill: But it's a good song and Rolling Stone magizine said the album was horrible..
Bob: Rolling Stone is full of shit listen to the album and then you will love it
Bill: OK!
by Sony Girl February 15, 2007
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A highly underrated album. Most of the people who don't like it haven't really listened to the album, but simply decided before that The Killers needed a sophomore slump, or didn't like that they changed their style a bit, or were unhappy with Brandon Flowers saying how much he enjoyed it. Is in fact an absolutely incredible album.
Sam's Town should really be judged by killers fans, not critics. The fans love it.
by Jman077 March 7, 2007
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An absolute masterpiece of an album. If you thought Hot Fuss was awesome, wait till you hear this one. The Killers have absolutely outdone themselves, and it will be very hard for them to top this album.
Sam's Town is fucking AWESOME.
by Adrian November 9, 2006
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The highly anticipated second album from synth-rock band The Killers, due to be released October 3, 2006.
The first single from sam's town is "When you were young".
by Adrian July 23, 2006
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