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A team that, having the worst record in 2003, suddenly snapped in 2006 and eliminated the yankees moving on to the american league championship series.
What happened to the detroit tigers? They've suddenly snapped!
by Adrian October 07, 2006

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quite possibly the greatest game series of all time, next to metal gear solid.
vice city pc quote from the rolling stones: "It's not just a new frontier for games, it's a new frontier for HUMANITY"
by adrian December 23, 2004

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A huge debate over something that alot of people do/don't agree on. I don't know if you can even call it a "debate", more like a massive argument.
The da vinci code movie as well as the book have caused controversy.
by Adrian June 19, 2006

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if he is not spider-man's most vicious enemy, he definitely is one of them. One unstoppable fucker.
Carnage will fuck you up.
by adrian October 21, 2004

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now a confirmed anti-semitic, thanks to our good friend alcohol.
Mel Gibson may have been drunk, but what he said must have come from somewhere.
by Adrian August 14, 2006

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In sports (basketball and baseball, mainly) when one team wins every game in a series.
Teams will always sweep.
by Adrian September 30, 2006

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One who cannot speak english nor spanish.
Daddy yankee:
A ella le guta la gajolina!
It's "gusta" and "gasolina" dumb ass.
by Adrian July 15, 2006

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