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The only person in the universe to kick ass and chew bubble gum at the same time
That's one Doomed space marine...
by Acid^Rogue September 10, 2003
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A FPS matched by no other. Blamed for the shootings at Columbine by bible hugging fuck tards that obviously haven't seen Max Payne, or Soldier of Fortune.
by Acid^Rogue September 10, 2003
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When you ask for a HULK action figure and get a used Ken doll, painted green.
Where's the karate chop action on this piece of shit? Fuck, this is such a Ghetto Christmas
by Acid^Rogue October 12, 2003
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The kind of shiz you hand bang to!
OMFG! ICED EARTH! *head bangs*
by Acid^Rogue September 10, 2003
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Slave mercenaries forced into battle against their own will.
I killed three contras with just a dull hatchet back in 'nam.
by Acid^Rogue December 21, 2003
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Spanish for "Drugs"

Surprisingly works well when dealing on busy streets, and not getting caught
'eh ese, want drojas?
by Acid^Rogue November 01, 2003
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A spanish word that I seemed to come up with, out of no where. Doesn't have any real meaning in Spanish.

It supposetly is said at the end of Queens of the Stoneage - No one knows.

Usually said in celebration of a victory.
*beats a newbie 20 - 0 in Jedi Knight* ... "ARROJAS TO YOU, NEWB!"
by Acid^Rogue October 13, 2003
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