A lame tool used by useless players of FPS games to compensate for their pitiful skills and lack of rudimentary intelligence.

Usually a reason for permanent ejection and banning from all reputable servers everywhere.
"Use of an aimbot, permanent ban. Bye bye, loser"
by Morningside712 February 23, 2004
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A game hack (AKA cheat) used by lamers as replacement for their lack of skill. An aimbot essentially "locks" the players crosshairs onto any nearby opponents, eliminating the need to aim. Such hacks are quite obvious when spectating the cheating player, and they are usually booted from the server or banned altogether.
Look at the lamer using his aimbot!
by Gazuga April 17, 2004
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A tool/hack used on Conquer Online to execute a Fast Blade or Scent Sword to ALWAYS hit the opponent. Failures use this probram to compensate for their lack of skills.
~Azreal~ uses an aimbot when fast blading!
NewOrder are a bunch of aimbotters!
by Erick |AzN|Mini-Mart September 6, 2006
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A tool is used by unskillful individuals to take shots and automatically make points without aiming. Lamers call it skill but it’s only for the weak and light skinned player.
Steph Curry uses aimbot, do you see that bullshit?
by EediotT May 27, 2018
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A metaphor for when someone is too skilled/ superior over their competitor that the competitor begins to think that the other person has rigged the match.
did you see how Terrance got first place again in the Kahoot? He’s fucking aimbotting bro!
by Denied AKA Cipher March 13, 2021
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I got lit Up by soulslayer502 usin fuckin aim assist
soulslayer502 is a faggot who using aimbot
by code keykey in the item shop September 22, 2019
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