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Tom: Did you hear that some kid died yesterday on 40th street?
Martha: Oh my! What happened?
Tom: This kid ran up to a bunch of thugs wearing makeup with his hatchet and tried to hit them with it. They smelled him ((due to poor hygiene)) before he swang his hatchet and loaded fire with a 9mm glock.
Martha: Was he a juggalo?
Tom: I believe so, why?
Martha: Deserved it.
by Tookie W November 09, 2009
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1. A small, single-handed axe used for chopping wood or various other applications. It is the western/European analog to the American Indian tomahawk. While primarily a tool, it can be used as a weapon like every other sharp object.

2. What dumb fucking juggalos call a meat cleaver. The large knife carried by the incredibly poorly drawn "hatchetman" is in fact a meat cleaver, and not a hatchet. Juggalos are too fucking stupid to know the difference, though, and will tell you all about how they are going to kill you with a hatchet if you keep "hating" on them. Stupid douchefuckers.
1. I brought a hatchet with me when I went camping, so I could chop firewood.

2. ima cut you wit my hatchet if you hate on juggalos agin!
by fishfoodforthemasses August 09, 2009
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By defonition, a small hand axe. Due to ignorance, this weapon is now associated with a group of demented windowlickers. Hatchets, much like retards, have been around for a very long time. They were, and still are, used as tools. Also, they symbolize a feud.
Guy: I need to cut this.
Guy2: Use my hatchet!
Juggalo: shyt, i gotz a hatchet! down wif da clown!
Juggalette: dats almost as cool as a faygo!
When putting differences/feuds aside, it is said that you are "burying the hatchet."
by I hate cults! March 30, 2007
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A small, short-handled ax for use in one hand.

Made popular as the weapon of choice for a "juggalo" by "Insane Clown Posse", totally disregarding the fact that Chainsaws are way more badass than little pussy axes. And ICP blows. PEACE OUT DAWGZZZ!!!111
Hogar:Dude that guyz giving me shit, I wanna bury a hatchet in his head.

Will the Sensible:A chainsaw would make you look more badass. And a shotgun would be easier. And probaly bloodier.
by Xarionis June 22, 2005
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1.A small hand axe sometimes with a triangle-shaped edge to deepen the wound. Known as a juggalo's best weapon by ICP fans, this is also made popular in Japan by Rena, the lead villian/murderer of the first and fifth arc of Higurashi no Naru Koro Ni or "When The Cicidas Cry".
"I'm so going to make a hatchet for halloween!"

Net troll: Close the hatchet!
Net expert: Then you'll have a pretty big hole in your chest. =_=

Rena: I will never forgive her for tellling them! *pounds person in question with the side of the hatchet*
by Mr.Simmons October 13, 2006
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