Urban American language. Not quite English, Not quite Spanish
Que pasa me homey? Mes Amigos and me are gonna kick the frijoles out of jou if jou don shutcho taco hole. Comprende?
by Albert February 14, 2003
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An online advertising solicitation sent via an Instant Messenger program, usually containing a link to a website featuring services such as pornography, credit repair, or prescription drug sales. Like spam, these communications are often sent under the guise of being a message from a friend. The links enclosed may also be used to spread viruses.
Come check out my hot new webcam! My sorority sisters and I are about to take a shower together! <click here>
by Dawn Davenport January 21, 2005
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Shamelessly endorses other websites by letting people add their sites to a great big list of sites.
I searched 'Ancient Egyptian Remains' on the search engine and got 14 000 results, mainly consisting of pornography.
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 27, 2003
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1) A woman (also affectionately called a bitch) who challenges the virility and dominance of a man by utilizing verbal abuse and/or by controlling social situations usually controlled by the men.

2) A woman who is so bitchin' and intelligent that most men fear openning their mouth in her presence, much less making a sexual advance.
"That ball buster of a ho didn't let me have a word in edgewise. She tore my ass up one side, and down the other"

"Woo Wee! Look at that ball bustin' honey!"
by Mike November 22, 2003
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Dick: U r sooooooooo damn sxc, baby
Virginia: Thanx, so r u!
by scemonita February 20, 2003
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That planet gets good ratings on Uranus.
by ty September 20, 2003
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1. Tiger is a word said condescendingly by someone at least 1 year older than someone else, often but not exclusively by a retiree to a teenager. It makes fun of the younger person's energetic, unlearned, immature, vicious, aggresive, dynamic persona.
2. A good friend.
3. An Acquaintance.
1. "Easy there, Tiger."
2. "Yo Tiger! Whattup?"
3. "Hey Tiger. Long time, no see."
by Diego August 14, 2003
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