39 definitions by Ben Frey

Injuring oneself by using a sharp object to try to open hard-to-open plastic packaging like the kind they sell cheap consumer electronics or household items in. Growing phenomenon described in the Pittsburgh Gazette and popularized by Stephen Colbert.
Ironically, he got so caught up in wrap rage that he almost sliced off his finger using a screwdriver to open the package containing an X-acto knife.
by Ben Frey March 28, 2006
Similar to Best Friends Forever (BFF), Best Enemies Forever (BEF) means two people who love to hate each other and rip on each other every chance they get. They are sworn enemies who form a bond of hatred so strong that it's more like a perverse kind of friendship.
Bill: "Goddammit, I hate that asshole Craig! Who does he think he's trying to impress??"
Dan: "Dude, will you stop talking about Craig? When did you two become BEF?"
by Ben Frey November 29, 2006
A reverse mullet - business in the back, party in the front. Preferred by urban hipsters who like long shaggy bangs without uncomfortably scratchy hair on their neck.
My friend who works at the second-hand record store down the street went to Supercuts the other day and got a tullem.
by Ben Frey June 11, 2006
In elevators of large office buildings, the coveted position right in front of the little TV screen that displays news headlines, weather, etc.
After the group of HR got off on 23, I quickly grabbed elevator shotgun to check the sports scores from last night on my way up.
by Ben Frey February 8, 2007
To make fun of a friend or, per its literal equivalent, to take the piss out of someone.
"What did you say about my mum?"
"Relax, mate, it's just a urinectomy."
by Ben Frey April 30, 2006
A device that can attach to your Tivo or other digital video recorder, which allows you to access and watch your programs over the Internet. You simply log into your computer and watch whatever streaming video you have recorded on your Tivo.
Thanks to my slingbox, I can watch last night's episode of "24" which my Tivo recorded, even though I'm still on vacation.
by Ben Frey March 28, 2006