a person having the same name as another.
name given by family member to newborn to hold that one special name up high as a god parent or like wise
a person named after another
i shaggyrat has a namesake nephews has a parent that named him after me because iam the special one in family lol
by shaggyrat January 16, 2010
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(n) Count = someone who is officially selected to do an activity but is not remotely involved in it and somebody else is acting on behalf of him/her
Kelvin's only a namesaker and the centre is actually run by Thomas.
by Dr CP March 5, 2015
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When you stumble upon the musical greatness of the band NameSake you are left with what i like to call ***THE NAMESAKE EFFECT***

It is the bittersweet aftermath of having heard one of their catchy songs, seen one of their swooning smiles or have been embraced by one of their hugs. This sensation leaves you craving more. You may not realize the limitless hours you spend searching youtube for more NameSake videos, the countless times you have checked their twitters, or that you stalk their facebooks at least a dozen times daily. Do not be alarmed this reaction to NameSake is normal.

Will, Troy, Seth, Kevin and Brad - these five boys are true talents with humble hearts, they are to blame for this brain shaking fixation. NameSake lyrics and melodies navigate your way into another world where there are no limits, no rules. Proceed with joy as you are engulfed in The NameSake Effect :)

"i find myself searching for you" -NameSake
(car ride to the grocery store)
MOM: "Are we really listening to Borders and Fences again? But honey, you used to listen to a variety of music, what happened?"

ME: " NameSake happened!"

(car ride to the mall)
FRIEND: "You have been single for months and still wont date anyone, why?"
ME: "Well why should I even bother dating, when I already know who will be my future husband, he is in the band NameSake."

music mania fandom

hence The NameSake Effect
by forever822blue August 8, 2012
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