Feb 1 Word of the Day
A general greeting/acknowledgement to a public bus company employee when entering or exiting the vehicle.
Generaly heard around the South West of england, therefore add a gloucestershire accent for added emphasis
Cheers Drive!
That drive was safe as fuck
by Maddog May 22, 2004
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Jan 31 Word of the Day
to use an automatic weapon to fire blindy and rapidly, releasing a large amount of bullets at one time.
"Yo, I got the motherfuckin' AK and I'm going spray. I got the motherfuckin' glock and I'll come down your block"

by X Rod November 24, 2003
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Jan 29 Word of the Day
to engage in flirtatious behavior with another; to crush on someone; to hit on someone
Brandon, constantly laughing, smiling, lightly touching and generally talking up a storm, was jocking Amanda.
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
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Jan 28 Word of the Day
1) to cause friction during intense situations
2) an unnecessary contribution of verbal, physical, and/or emotional aggression
Film Reference - Tarantino, "Reservoir Dogs":
"...Managers know better than to fuck around, so if you get one that's giving you static, he probably thinks he's a real cowboy, so you gotta break that son-of-a-bitch in two..."

Musical Reference - Everlast, "What It’s Like":
"...And then she heads for the clinic and she gets some static walkin' through the doors,
They call her a killer, and they call her a sinner, and they call her a whore..."
by Alan King September 24, 2004
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Jan 27 Word of the Day
Abbreviation of "no wuckin' furries" which is a less vulgar derivative of "no fuckin' worries".

Australian origin.
"Can't make it out tonight - no money!"

"Ahhh no wukkas mate - I'll lend you a score"
by in-effect July 06, 2004
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Jan 26 Word of the Day
Damn, Check out that Tight Whip! That's them G's right there!
by Super D March 27, 2003
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Jan 24 Word of the Day
When he took of his shirt, it looked like he was still wearing a sweater. I think a little manscaping is in order.
by Pinkenstein April 27, 2004
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