A bloke who makes all the girls around him wet.
Hey! Did you see that weatherman last night? He left with three girls.
by the real uncle g December 3, 2019
Someone who constantly screws up the only job they have to do.
That guy in accounting is such a weatherman - all he has to do is post invoices and he can't even do that correctly.
by SnowedInAgain January 26, 2011
A Weatherman is a member of the Weathermen Underground. (Inactive.) The Weathermen Underground emerged from the New Democratic Left and SNCC conference of 1968, comprising a small core group of activists (civil rights and peace activists, proponents of direct action and civil disobedience). The Weathermen Underground then banded into self-selected affinity groups---the core group much smaller than public image allowed---and organized direct actions. The group/movement took their name from the Dylan lyric, "you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows," and claimed responsibility for a number of direct actions in protest of the Vietnam War.
Bernadine Horn is a high-profile activist and weatherman who was wanted by the FBI for over a decade. Bill Ayers is another. (After turning themselves in, in the 80's, both Ayers and Horn were exonerated.)
The weatherman said "Tonight it will reach around 50 degrees, followed by showers"...
by Boring Aaron October 31, 2009
The sexual act that involves one partner sticking their big toe into the other partner's vagina.
She asked me to wash my feet before giving her a weatherman.
After she sucked my toe she asked for a weatherman.
by Kimberly Crappen September 10, 2005
When people post status's of the weather outside..
John: Its snowing hella hard outside!

Alex: No shit dumbass.. quit being a facebook weatherman
by ThisniggafromEK January 6, 2011