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a condition whereby after a virus or an infection, a patient is extremely exhasted and suffers dizziness, nausea, pain, othostatic intolerence and other symtoms.

There is no diagnostic test for chronic fatigue syndrome and is really is a disease of exclusion.

In many cases patients are diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome but turn out to have serious immune system problems, cancer, dysautonomia and other.
i have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.
by sarah-3-2321 June 11, 2006
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Chronic Fatigue is an ailment caused by ingesting an excessive amount of Chronic.
Also, the drowsy, dragged down feeling, after having been very high.
See Chronic Bronchitis.
"I don't feel awake in the morning untill I've smoked some chronic. Actually, I don't feel awake afterwards, either. I think I suffer from Chronic Fatigue."
"I'm startin' to come down. If I dont smoke some more my Chronic Fatigue will set in."
by JGSR July 21, 2006
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Being in a state of sleepiness or extreme exhaustion after smoking some bomb green.
"Look at Eelander over there man, why's he so sleepy all of a sudden? that was good shit." Must be that "Chronic Fatique" that got a hold of him. "CF, what's that?" "Chronic Fatique"
"Chronic Fatigue"
by Tracy McBert December 21, 2011
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A very rare disease found in 4 of 1000 adults, and an even smaller margine in adolescents. This illness is developed in very non-active persons who usually are afraid of the world around them. The disease was discovered by Dr. Adam Tack (1992-2007). He was the very first human to develop this illness. There is no treatment. Whoever is diagnosed with this illness will be given a time frame of 5-12 months to live. Side effects include having no friends, being fat, being gay, and going to a catholic school to do crystal meth in the bathrooms. God rest the sole of anyone diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue.
Adam Tack thinks he has Chronic Fatigue.
by Adam Tack June 18, 2007
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