Jun 24
The theory that history and culture (i.e. fashion, music etc.) repeats itself every couple of decades.

Its plausibility draws from the fact that most parents raise their children with the same ideas that their own parents asserted upon them.
There are many similarities between the war in Iraq today and the Vietnam war .. It's almost like a retrograde revolution.

Hopefully, a retrograde revolution involving the 60s and 70s will begin, and groups will actually start playing some real music.

The comeback of blazers is part of the retrograde revolution.
by Isabella June 02, 2005
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Jun 23
1. "Hey baby, wanna go out for some pizza tonarrow?"
2. "Go away mom, I'll try to get a job tonarrow."
by john bornberg June 04, 2005
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Jun 22
IMing someone as soon as they sign on.
As soon as his name appeared on my buddy list I buddy pounced him.
by RaMDaY June 06, 2005
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Jun 21
A long and complicated email trail with dozens of CC's discussing a situation almost none of the recipients cares about.
Did you get caught in the latest emaelstrom about the broken widgets?
by Jim Haungs June 01, 2005
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Jun 20
A New York minute is an instant. Or as Johnny Carson once said, it's the interval between a Manhattan traffic light turning green and the guy behind you honking his horn.

It appears to have originated in Texas around 1967. It is a reference to the frenzied and hectic pace of New Yorkers' lives. A New Yorker does in an instant what a Texan would take a minute to do.
I'll have that ready for you in a New York Minute
by RJB December 15, 2003
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Jun 19
Cool guy that has a fly ride, and can get bitches and weed in less than an hour.
"Hey pimp daddy, I gotz to get crunked tonight...can you hook it up?"
by Pimp Juice April 19, 2004
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Jun 18
A Phrase that one would put in front of a descriptive word to further emphasize the descriptiveness.

Refers to gratuity and excess.
"He is wild at Drunk"
by Jonathan L. Waldman June 02, 2005
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