An federal employee of the government that investigates federal crimes, and collect sensitive intelligence information that may pertain information on terrorists and criminals.
I am an Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
by Ernst Yvelle December 17, 2013
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Federal law enforcement training can be divided into various categories, the most common being basic, agency-specific basic (ASB), advanced/specialized, and agency-advanced/specialized. To operate safely and effectively, U.S. special agents and criminal investigators, must possess skills and knowledge regarding criminal and civil law and procedure, enforcement operations, physical techniques, and technical equipment, to mention a few. They must also be physically fit. While possession of a college degree can aid in obtaining employment in this profession, only extensive training provided at specialized facilities, combined with on-the-job training, can provide the skills and knowledge needed to perform the duties of a federal criminal investigator.

U.S. special agents and federal criminal investigators generally receive their basic training at one of two primary locations: the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), in Brunswick, Georgia, or the FBI or DEA training facilities based at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.
Special agent, I was station in Fort Sill for about 3 years, just to find out my best friend who was in a FA Battalion with me was a UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR.
He was in the 3/13FAR. Name: Edward R Davies III, He didnt tell me nor He did'nt have to prove a thing to me, I don't want to know. STAY AWAY FROM HIM, hes not what you think.
by roadrash67 June 12, 2010
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A fucked up little plush teddy bear who doubles as a special agent to "help" children accomplish remedial tasks. Usually can't wait to get hands-on with most youngsters he meets. Gets the answers from the audience and his wristwatch. His best friends include a pretentious wolf, a retarded hillbilly racoon or squirrel lookin hoochie named "dotty" and some fuckin james earl jones soundin nigga who is the boss of the whole stupid operation. His vehicles include a faggot french train named RR Rapeed and a blind helicopter named whirly bird. Obviously a Sandusky faggot since he never tries to slay dotty, creeps into childrens bedrooms and usually dips when the parents come home.
Little Billy: Special agent oso what are you doin here? Are you here on a special assignment?
Agent Oso: Why don't you come find out.
<sound of door closing>
Billy's Mom: Billy where are you?
Agent Oso: Oh shit I better dip on outta this bitch. Hit it whirly bird.
by pimpinthe405 November 23, 2011
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A character from The X-Files(1993-2002).
A paraniod F.B.I. agent who solves crimes dealing with the paranormal or the unexplained with an attractive partner Agent Dana Scully. He has no life and likes to stick pencils to the ceiling.
1) Agent Fox Mulder is one of the most unique characters ever made.
2) Wow, you did a Mulder. ( Meaning you stuck pencils to the ceiling).
by Sarah May 22, 2004
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big smoke: CAP YOUR ASS
big smoke: AND YOUR ASS
big smoke: YOU WANT SOME, TOO?
big smoke: ICE COLD BABY
CJ: oh man, check out "special agent big smoke"
by godEn0moto January 3, 2020
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An up close and personal view of a late night cucking, involving the cuck on their back watching and tongue assisting their partner/wife whilst getting slapped in the forehead with a pair of sweaty balls, around the same time the bull explodes inside the recipient.
During a dinner party, Shawn was subtly labeled Special Agent Cucky as an inside joke between the trio, insinuating he liked to investigate closely while his partner got pumped full of cum.
by Tiggie Bitties May 5, 2023
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