Xmax is a bit like Christmas, but not religious. It is the Xtreme version of Xmas and is way cooler.
It is possible to celebrate Xmax inadvertantly, so if you're having quite a lot of fun at Xmas and nobody's talking about the baby Jesus, then you're probably celebrating Xmax. Don't worry tho, Xmax is much better.
"I can't believe it's December 25th again so quickly"

"Yeh, I know. Thanks for this amazing present by the way, it's much better than any Xmas present i've had before!"

"That's cos it's an Xmax present dude! Merry Xmax"
by Alan _D February 17, 2008
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1. When your credit card has maxed out after all the holiday shopping you have done.
They'd better be... I just xmaxed out my credit card... Merry freaking Xmas.
by MusicAndLove217 December 24, 2010
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