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(n.) a black eye. Term is of Irish origin where it was a punishment for not keeping machinery shiney delivered from the boot of a British officer.
That's quite a shiner on your face
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 06, 2004
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If I give you a tenner will you give me shiners? Fifteen? Shit, the feds.
by The Original Crackhead February 11, 2003
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Short for Shinerboch beer, which is bottled and brewed in Shiner, TX and famous throughout the Lone Star State.
Guy on his way to get some more beers from the fridge: "Who wants a Shiner?"
by oso1 February 22, 2006
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means the same as a blo -job, to have your dick sucked is to get a shiner. (see shine also)
"that girl over there gave me a shiner"
by 123 July 24, 2003
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Someone that is very aware of himself and don't want to look like having low value.
this belarusian is so shiner
by levithelev June 18, 2011
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Shiners are people who do not believe in mocking or disrespecting victims of murder. Particularly the victims of serial killers, spree murders, mass murders and/or family annihilators. They believe in showing victims respect and not picking their lives apart or mocking them. Shiners are the opposite of killer groupies.
Idiot- "Yeah he murdered his wife but she was super annoying".
Shiner- "That's not an excuse. He is totally responsible for his own actions and you should respect the dead".
by ValdisStark June 18, 2019
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