(n.) a black eye. Term is of Irish origin where it was a punishment for not keeping machinery shiney delivered from the boot of a British officer.
That's quite a shiner on your face
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 6, 2004
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means the same as a blo -job, to have your dick sucked is to get a shiner. (see shine also)
"that girl over there gave me a shiner"
by 123 July 25, 2003
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that ho over there is a shiner.
by M.C June 23, 2005
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what your cock is right when you pull it out of a nice cum-filled pussy
Your dad came home early and i had to climb out your sister's window with a shiner
by bobbyt June 18, 2006
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A seemingly attractive woman, but when she turns around or comes closer, actually looks like a zombie. In reference to the bathroom scene in 'The Shining'
"I'm gonna holla at that girl...nevermind, it's a shiner."
by Fear and Loathing in... July 29, 2005
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A. person capable of single-handedly changing the etymology of most foul-defined words. The type of person that is so beautiful you are nervous to talk to them.

B. a facial expression that is warm and welcoming, yet- at the same time- makes you apprehensive that you are about to be destroyed by impeccably sharp wit
C. a mythical singing sea creature that ellivates lonely sailor's white cap whipping woes
D: hot ticket
E. the main attraction
"wow- i can't believe you were able to score those shiner tickets for the game!"
person 1: " what are all those people doing lined up at 5 in the morning outside in the freezing cold?"
person 2: "i don't know- but whatever it is, it must be a shiner! let's get in line!"
by itstrueyou February 3, 2010
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