An elmore or complete fuck up. Couldn't be worse.
Bush's handling of Katrina was a real elmore, nothing short of a fiasco.
by Mmmm Lewinsky September 26, 2007
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A complete failure that carries a connotation that, by better planning or execution, could have been avoided.
The landfall of Katrina was a disaster; the emergency response was a fiasco.
by wordboi June 22, 2009
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In the conventional dictionaries, a fiasco is a complete and utter failure. Especially one which is embarrassing for the severity of the failure, or the severity of the ineptitude leading to it.
Hurrican Katrina did a lot of damage, and the response to the human tradgedy in New Orleans will be remembered as a gigantic fiasco.
by Ramon Gutierrez September 2, 2005
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An event that has the appearance of falling completely apart at any moment, yet somehow manages to work out. Characterized by increased levels of both stress and enjoyment. Provides excellent story-telling material.
That trip where we drank rum and warm Pepsi and got stranded on that island and it started raining so we had to sleep in an old Datsun on that guy's front lawn when you were puking and we almost lost our, that was a fiasco!
by Believe July 17, 2005
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An unforseen event which is often unfortunate in nature.
My boss came in to work early today and caught me taking bong rips in the walk in freezer. What a fiasco.
by Matt Killer June 27, 2003
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a rare italian sports car, discontinued shortly after initial production because it was unreliable and just not very good.
you drive a fiasco? man, just trade that lame ass shit in for a yugo or some shit like that!
by chuckybubbles November 21, 2009
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the incredible emcee from the Washington D.C. area
man, fiasco ROCKS
by emilialover July 30, 2003
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