"Damn! Is you a Brady because you have a fat dick!"
by BigThiccDicc December 19, 2019
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A guy who cares a lot about other people. He doesn't base his friendships and relationships on how someone looks. Brady is the type of guy that is everyone's best friend. He is also a laddies man. Every girl is hanging on his every word. And often flirts as often as possible, even if it not intentional. Brady loves music, and very ridiculous things. He is so sweet and will never let someone fall between the cracks and if they do he helps them back up. Usually has long blondish brownish hair that he is nagged to cut, and brilliant blue eyes. Brady is one of the dearest friends you can ever have.
I don't know how to tell him I like him, thats Brady for you.

You are such a Brady, everyone loves you

Brady you are just so...perfect I know
by KT1 <3 July 22, 2009
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Brady is that boy who you didn't notice at first, but now he has your full attention. He's smart, funny, caring and one of the cutest boys you've ever seen. When he looks at you, you completely melt. He has the biggest brown eyes and the most innocent, caring look. He's one of those boys that's cute but doesn't know it, which makes him even cuter. Brady makes it so easy for you to fall for him, and the more you talk, the harder you fall. He's captain of the soccer team and can kick ass if he wants to. He's trustworthy and you can tell him anything and everything. He has an amazing sense of humor and can always make you smile, even when your in the bluest of moods. If you know a Brady keep him in your heart forever.
I can't believe I have Brady in my life.
by ravytave August 28, 2014
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Brady is a guy who is very passionate about his sports. He usually has different opinions than other people but his opinions are genius. His sports teams have great successes, largely in part with the fact that his teams have the best fan bases. He is one of the best sports fans you will ever meet, and he knows his sports like no one else. Ask him any sports question or ask him for an opinion and he will always have an answer. Brady may often get called a bandwagon because his teams are the best in their respective sport, however Brady has always been a fan of his teams. He has his reasons for liking his teams just as any other sports fan does. Overall, Brady is such a cool guy who knows a lot about his sports, and you will want to be sure to be his friend.
That is a genius sports prediction, are you Brady?
by Daniel Suarez March 04, 2017
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A hunk of man unlike any other known to man. He is the largest, most muscular man that has walked the earth in over 5,674 years. When he walks by, the gravitational pull from his cosmically large muscles pulls the panties off of any woman within 5 square zip codes. His intensely seductive gaze was enough to turn even Mike Pence into a faggot with a tambourine.
Did you see those panties fly by? It must have been a Brady on the way to work.
I wish I was as masculine as that Brady over there.
The only person I would go gay for is, obviously, a Brady.
by FlandoTheRando April 16, 2019
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Brady a athletic,polite,cute,gentleman and very funny and often a ladies man he love music and often has black or brown hair. Brady, the nicest guy ever
by BradyTorm10 July 27, 2017
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