Jun 5
when your so bored with life that you just spend money to make your life seem more exciting.
ben: what did you do this weekend man?

craig: i went and applied for a future shop card and bought a new 3d tv and a ps3. also went and got a dirtbike....

ben: you already have a 60" led flat panel, and you live in the middle of the city, why did you go and get all that shit?

craig: i dunno, nothin to do.......was bored to debt
by HecklnDecalr June 01, 2010
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Jun 4
when, after a few drinks, one will proceed to become an unhappy drunk, and begin to cry and shed tears about anything remotely bothering them. ex: crying about ex-boyfriend, inability to microwave easymac, spilling a drink on one's shirt
"After I had three natty lights, I started regretting my last drunk hook-up and started crying. My friends had to comfort me because of my beer tears!"
by brunette22 February 16, 2006
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Jun 3
A person with a little bit of money who thinks that their small bankroll gives them the right to discard manners and class. Literally, "the new douche."
PERSON 1: Check out that ass-hat in the "stunna shades" arguing with the hotel manager because they won't give him a free upgrade to a penthouse on a sold-out night.
PERSON 2: He won't even take off his shades to argue with the guy!
PERSON 1: It's probably to protect his eyes from all the cubic zirconium he's wearing to look like "ice."
PERSON 2: Welcome to the nouveau douche.
by heavyweightboxer May 30, 2010
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Jun 2
A male who shares the same birthday as you. You were born on the same day of the same year. Even though you are not true brothers, this is a significantly close bond
See also Birthday Sister
Brady: Happy Birthday James.
James: Happy Birthday to you too, Birthday Brother.
by Pablo2342 May 31, 2010
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Jun 1
A job you take knowing that it isn't long term. Often due to an emergency situation where you know your losing your current job. It provides a paycheck while you take your time looking for a better job.
Starbucks was totally a rebound job, I was minutes from getting fired and needed something fast!
by sandyland May 30, 2010
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May 31
When someone asks for a minute to do something, even though they know it will take much longer than 60 seconds.
Wife: I need to run into this store. It'll only take a minute

Husband mumbles: More like a football minute.
by thebetterfriend2 May 29, 2010
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