Includes wankers from places such as Manchester, Liverpool, and Newcastle.

Think they are solid but would get the fuck kicked out of them by the skinheads on the roadside if they even set foot in London. Let alone East London

Go the pub,
drink ten pints,
get completely plastered.
Come back home,
beat the wife,
you dirty northern bastard
North England is a fuckin fanny area, West Ham is gonna knock the fuck out of Liverpool this weekend
by OiOiBoy July 3, 2006
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better than the south, filled with the funniest people of england. no torys or snobs to be found, big drinkers of alcohol! never a dull moment. hate southerners
‘the southeners are a bunch of snobby cunts i’m glad and proud to be northern’ (north of england)
by jeisejensn December 20, 2020
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