The completely rational fear of Donald Trump.
Much of America now suffers from Trumpophobia
by Merrow February 13, 2017
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He has Trumpophobia if he thinks Trump is gonna turn this country into a dictatorship
by crazycowfish March 11, 2016
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The fear of being a massive loser in the eyes of everyone around you

people afflicted with trumpophobia may:

claim everyone they disagree with is a loser.

surround themselves with yes men and create cults to revere them as a god.

run for president while not even having a single clue how american democracy works.

fire and harass anyone who dare disagree with them.
"The 45th president of the United States was diagnosed with trumpophobia, worst part is his fear is real and he is a massive loser"
by FilthyCommie November 18, 2020
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The fear of Donald Trump and him becoming president.
I have Trumpophobia
by MadDoggyHoggy November 3, 2020
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People with Trumpophobia rely wholly on emotions regarding political decisions. The ilogical stance on politics and morals is manifested in those who have been manipulated by the media through journalists, celebrities and bullies on social media who push the leftist agenda. They tend to be so emotional around the subject that they are near impossible to communicate with. There is a high risk of aggressive behavior from the Trumpophobe towards supporters of Trump, and they tend to ridicule people who don't openly renounce Trump. White males are sometimes prejudiced by Trumpophobes as supporters of Trump. Trumpophobes main arguments are that Trump and his supporters are racist, fascist, misogynistic and bigoted.


Combined form

Derived form

*Can be also be written:"Trumphobia".
*Not to be used as a label for people who oppose Trumps politics in a democratic fashion.
He must have Trumpophobia, he didn't even want to listen to what I had to say!

He could not explain to me what was racist with Trumps politics, he's such a Trumpophobe!

What a Trumpophobic place, it was like they didn't want to serve me until they knew I hated Trump!
by AntiHeroZero January 22, 2017
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