A declaration of a statement made by oneself, neither supported nor agreed by others.
'Hey there's no school tomorrow!'
'Isnt it just your own self-declared holiday?'
by Jwjwjwjw November 03, 2013
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One who think that their own saliva is clean and pure. Will double dip but will explode if sees other do the same freaking thing.
Jon: Mark is a fucking SD Triple D. He double dipped his fries into my ketchup but beat me up when I did the same thing. IT WAS MY FUCKING KETCHUP

Macy :What's an SD Triple D?

Jon: A Self-Declared Double Dipper Dipshit

Macy: What a bitch!
by fabulousdaniel8 April 05, 2013
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When someone uses the word “fag,” many have a hard time understanding whether they mean “annoying/Harley Davidson rider” or “gay.” Self-Declared Fag is a phrase invented to help distinguish between the two. A Self-Declared Fag is one who has come out of the closet and is openly homosexual. A Self-Declared Fag is not ashamed of it, while a normal fag is insulted by it.
“Bro when is that fag on the Harley gonna get a haircut”?

My goodness, that Self-Declared Fag has been sitting on that fire hydrant for the past hour”!
by Bouquet July 03, 2018
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