If the diameter is 100, the radius is therefore 50.
by iDior February 12, 2008
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The strong unexplainable pull of one's "pick-up abilities" on a girl of choice that is in said radius.
Sally was in the midst of John's radius last night;so she inevitably had sex with him
by sodumc February 25, 2009
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The distance of your radius that you will acknowledge the people you know and greet them. Greeting radii almost always depend on person. Usually, your greeting radius varies based on how much you like the person. Someone you are close friends with, will probably have a greeting radius of over 50ft. For people you don't like, it would probably be something like 10ft if it's crowded where you are.
Steve: Oh dude, I had to say hi to Kent today?
Jon: Aww, you said hi to Kunt? He probably thinks you like him now.
Steve: I know, but I kinda used to know him, plus, he got in my greeting radius
Jon: Shit, sucks for you, haha
Steve: Yeah, GOD today was a bad day
by Co0k1eM0n5tr805 May 31, 2009
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The distance a man is able to comfortably travel (from his bed) without pants; the average radius being just the distance to the shower.

It is theorized that a man's underpants radius is inversely proportional to his confidence; that is, the farther a man travels from his bed in just his underwear, the less he believes in himself.
At first we thought it was funny; at least Marshall didn't left the house without putting pants on. But his underpants radius just kept getting larger. He started getting the paper in his underwear and even going downstairs for a drink in his underwear...!
by Knowingest J. Drawbridges December 12, 2008
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radial distance (R.O.S.) from a source of something that smells unpleasant (B.O., poorly wiped ass, out of control vaginosis, smelly feet, etc.)
Surfer 1: "Hey dude let me know when the R.O.S. of these sandles gets to your nose, then I'll get rid of them."

Surfer 2: "Dude, I smelled you walked up."
by position_x_force May 27, 2005
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The length that one’s balls hang down below their taint. This measurement provides the maximum distance ones scrotum could swing in any given direction. Measured to lowest hanging ball.
You talking mad shit for someone in my swang radius.
by Dr. Brain Hanger September 22, 2020
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A distance correlated with the area of a city in which a person would want to walk during the winter or in the cold.

In northern cities, a summer radius is usually much larger than a winter radius, due to the warmer weather and better walking conditions.
Do you want to go to the wine bar? -No, let's go to the Irish pub down the street - the wine bar is definitely outside our winter radius.
by mugs021 January 2, 2011
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